Kids newspaper is the ONLY publication offered to parents in elementary schools in all of Spokane County’s school districts.  

For 24 years, kids newspaper has shouted out 
all that is wonderful in education and in our community.

.  From your schools: County superintendents offer parents important information.  The pages allow superintendents to send a consistent message and to take a deeper dive into important topics.

.  Parasport: A child athlete is profiled every month.  Because of the attention kids newspaper gives these important athletes, our local parasport organization is the largest in the country.

.  Healthy Mom, Healthy Family:  A column written by Shannon Dayton.  Shannon writes to moms.  She counsels them about how to care for themselves so that they may care for their families.

.  CHAS offers important information about family wellness.

.  Entertainment:  Parents are offered family friendly entertainment.

.  Shriners call to action: Children are challenged to complete 40 jumping jacks every day.  Principals will begin each day inviting everyone to stand and jump before school begins.  After the two weeks, a name will be pulled.  The winning name will receive a bicycle.

.  Caught in the Act: Students are honored for their kindness when STCU, Avista and kids newspaper catch them in the act. 

.  Buddy Bench: Every month Gus Johnson Ford will place a buddy bench on a school playground.  Children who are feeling sad or lonely rest on the bench.  Their classmates will run to their rescue.  Asking to play or to sit and chat will serve as a child act of kindness.

.  Teacher of the month: STCU and Avista will honor a teacher because a student wrote a wonderful nomination.  We receive hundreds of nominations every month. Luigi's is proud to recognize them.

.  Secretary of the month: Students, parents and educators call or e-mail us to nominate their secretary.  Secretaries are the first hello and often, they are a child’s best listener. The Mustard Seed is proud to recognize them. 


Mary Helen Black


Shannon Dayton